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Drop Box Traps

Protect your property with our environmentally friendly drop box trap system for rabbit control.

The Drop Box Trap for Rabbit Control - How it Works

Discrete and kind to the environment, any none target species caught in the live drop box traps (such as Polecats and Slow Worms) can be released unharmed.

The rabbits travel from their home through the tunnel of the box trap to their feeding grounds.

When set the rabbits fall via a trap door, unharmed into the holding area, where they are removed by our operator. To avoid any tampering or miss use, all our traps are padlocked and can only be set and emptied by us or our client. The results of drop boxes are instantaneous and very visible. Often the customer inspects when we check the trap line and are normally amazed how many rabbits are caught in one night! These traps are ideal to use when rabbits come from land you cannot have access to, such as from Railway and Motorway embankments.

In addition their, covert underground presence makes them ideal for use in public and sensitive areas, such as on the boundaries of cricket pitches and public parks, where discretion is paramount. The boxes can be retro fitted to existing fence lines or freshly installed along with a new fence. By using these rabbit control boxes a passive fence turns into one of the most lethal industrial rabbit management systems known to man. Not only do these boxes deal with the problems but they save valuable money already invested in the fence by substantially prolonging its life and use.

Did you know?

At Landmark we provide various types of drop boxes all galvanised to last and provide many years service.

From small portable garden boxes to permanent heavy duty agricultural boxes capable of holding some 30 plus rabbits per session.

Once the traps have been installed, the cost over a few years is minimal, but the results are excellent. To help with initial set up costs we offer these traps on loan or sale and if required with bespoke financial payment packages and interest free options. This includes supply, installation, regular maintenance and operating the boxes along with removal of the rabbits. For more information Enquire Now.

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