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Wildlife Management - Rabbit Control Services

At Landmark Wildlife Services we have vast experience of dealing with rabbit issues, we offer comprehensive and cost effective solutions.

Why would I need a rabbit control expert?

Landmark are the rabbit control experts operating 365 days a year.

We have over 30 years’ experience in providing rabbit management services across the UK, for both residential and commercial customers.

If you have an issue with wild rabbits, contact us today. Our professional rabbit control team can offer expert advice and advise on all methods of rabbit management, followed by a no obligation quote to resolve your rabbit problem effectively and quickly.

As well as rabbit control, Landmark specialise in all aspects of wildlife management and rural pest proofing and pest control including fox, deer, birds, rats and mice.

Landmark's rabbit control services

We are the rabbit management specialists, supporting customers with expert advices, preventive proofing and rabbit control services.

  • Rabbit Ferreting
  • Rabbit Night Shooting
  • Rabbit Fencing
  • Rabbit Proofing
  • Rabbit Drop Boxes


Ferreting is a traditional method of rabbit control that involves using trained ferrets to flush out rabbits from their burrows, allowing skilled operatives to catch them in nets. Ferreting can be an effective method of controlling rabbit populations, especially in areas where other forms of control such as shooting are not feasible or safe.

Ferreting for rabbit control

Ferreting requires specialised knowledge and equipment, although ferreting can be attempted by amateurs, the results will have a vast difference to that of a professional ferreting company.

Ferreting customers can benefit from seeing the results of the treatment once it has been completed.

At Landmark, we follow strict safety guidelines to prevent harm to the ferrets and other wildlife in the area. Ferreting is an ecologically friendly method of rabbit control. Any non-target species caught in the nets such as little owls, feral cats, polecats whilst we are clearing warrens can be released without harm.

Night shooting

Night Shooting can be an effective method of controlling rabbit populations, especially in areas where other methods such as ferreting or trapping are not feasible or safe. Wild rabbits are mainly nocturnal and come out at night to feed.

At Landmark, our specialist team use state of the art night vision and thermal imaging equipment to suit all areas and situations. Safety is paramount and a full health and safety assessment is carried out in prior to any work commencing.

We fully comply with local laws and regulations regarding firearms and hunting.

Wildlife control night shooting

Rabbit Proof Fencing

At Landmark, we use high quality and long-lasting rabbit proof fencing to create a physical barrier to prevent wild young and adult rabbits from accessing areas they shouldn’t. With over 30 years’ experience dealing with wild rabbits, we have the knowledge and understanding to ensure fencing is installed deep enough to avoid rabbits from digging underneath. In most instances we use our specialist machinery to assist with erecting the fencing, therefore, making rabbit proof fencing a quick and cost-effective method of protecting land from wild rabbits.

Rabbit proof fencing

Rabbit Proofing

Rabbits can burrow underneath structures, such as buildings, sheds, patios, and decking areas looking for ideal places to nest, providing shelter and protection. This can cause damage and can make holes for other pests such as rats and foxes to gain access.

Rabbit proofing is an effective way to keep areas free from rabbits and other unwanted pests. It can be used to protect buildings, railways, motorways, sports pitches, sites of archaeological importance and ancient monuments.

At Landmark, we are experienced at installing rabbit proofing to keep areas and structures rabbit-free.

Wild rabbit proofing

Rabbit Drop Boxes

Rabbit drop boxes are strategically placed against fence lines, they are dug into the ground and are used in conjunction with rabbit proof fencing. The rabbits travel from their home through the tunnel of the box trap to their feeding grounds. When set the rabbits fall via a trap door, unharmed into the holding area, where they are removed by a Landmark rabbit control specialist. Any none-target species caught (such as polecats and slow worms) can be released unharmed.

Reasons to control wild rabbits

Problems wild rabbits can cause:

  • Crop damage: Wild rabbits can cause significant damage to agricultural crops, which can lead to financial losses for agricultural and horticultural industries. They can eat and trample crops, reducing yields and quality.
  • Ecological damage: Wild rabbits can have a negative impact on the environment by overgrazing on vegetation, which can lead to soil erosion and changes in habitat structure. This can have knock-on effects on other species that depend on these habitats.
  • Disease transmission: Wild rabbits can carry and transmit diseases, including myxomatosis and viral haemorrhagic disease which can affect other animals.
  • Property damage: Wild rabbits can burrow into gardens, parks, and other outdoor spaces, causing damage to lawns, flower beds, and other structures. They can burrow underneath structures and buildings which can lead to serious subsidence. The rabbit warren could also encourage other pests such as rats and foxes.
  • Road accidents: Wild rabbits are sometimes found near roads and highways, and their presence can increase the risk of collisions with vehicles as drivers often dodge to avoid hitting the rabbit.

At Landmark, we will work with you to create a rabbit control plan to achieve the most effective and sustainable results.

Are rabbits protected by law?

Wild rabbits are considered pests according to the Pests Act 1954, and all occupiers of land have a responsibility to take action to prevent them from causing damage.

Responsibilities of occupiers to control rabbits

Landowners are legally obligated to control rabbit numbers on their property or land. England (excluding the City of London and Isles of Scilly) was declared a rabbit clearance area under the Pests Act 1954.  to control rabbits prevent the rabbits from causing damage elsewhere by, for example, fencing them in with rabbit-proof fencing.

Signs you have rabbits on your land or garden

Here are some signs that indicate you have rabbits in your garden:

  • Damaged plants: Rabbits are herbivores and love to eat plants. If you find that the plants in your garden have been damaged or eaten, especially near the base of the plant, it’s a good indication that rabbits are present.
  • Droppings: Rabbit droppings look like small round pellets and can be found scattered around the garden. The droppings are usually dark in colour and can help identify if rabbits are present.
  • Burrows: Rabbits dig burrows in the ground and create tunnels for shelter and nesting. Look for small holes or burrows in the ground, usually located in areas with dense vegetation or cover.
  • Tracks: Rabbit tracks are small and have four toes on their front feet and five on their back feet. You may see these tracks in soft soil or mud.
  • Chewing on bark: Rabbits may chew on the bark of trees and shrubs, especially during the winter when other food sources are scarce.

If you notice any of these signs, it’s likely that you have rabbits. It is important to take steps to deter them from damaging your plants, landscaping, or buildings.

rabbit burrows

Why choose Landmark for rabbit control?

  • Landmark are the wildlife experts – We are passionate about service and specialists in rabbit control and all elements of rural pest control.
  • Cognitive know-how – Landmark provide dedicated wildlife management support; with over 30 years industry experience we have the knowledge, experience, and capacity to resolve wild rabbit problems for customers on a national basis.
  • Innovation & technology – At Landmark we use state of the art equipment specific to rural pest control requirements. Applying in field innovation combined with traditional pest control methods
  • Fully trained professional team – Our highly trained professional teams all hold open firearm certificates and are qualified in night, urban and rural shooting.
  • Comply with legislation – We fully comply with legislation and control wild rabbits in a humane way.
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