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Night Vision Shooting & Thermal Imaging

Specialist wildlife control technology with our night vision and thermal imaging equipment.

Night Vision Shooting and Thermal Imaging - How it Works

This is a highly specialised method of wildlife control, using the latest in infra red night vision and thermal imaging.

Ideal for use in sensitive areas after dark, where a covert operation is required. Either working on foot or from a vehicle, each marksman is accompanied by a spotter with their own night vision, who in addition collects the shot quarry, ensuring no sign of our visit is left behind.

The results are devastating and often the rabbits have no idea we are there. Increasingly our clients are demanding this service having seen its instant results, and the number of rabbits at the end of the night!

We have a full range of rifles to suit all localities and situations. A full health and safety assessment is carried out in advance prior to any work commencing, including an understanding of ground depth and safety angles of shot. Night vision shooting and thermal imaging can be used to control the following unwanted pest wildlife: Rabbits, Foxes, Rats, Deer (under licence)

What are the benefits of night vision shooting and thermal imaging for wildlife control?

  • Target species feed further out from their habitat during the night.
  • The cover of darkness enables us to get closer to the target species.
  • There is less human footfall during the night which makes it safer to shoot.
  • Control of pest species at particularly sensitive sites is easier to carry out in darkness, with a reduced risk of upsetting the public.
  • Dispatch is instant causing as little impact on the target pest species as possible.
Wildlife control shooting


  • Is night vision shooting carried out in complete darkness or are torches used?

    Night vision shooting is carried out in complete darkness, at Landmark we use the latest up to date night vision and thermal imaging scopes for the best results.
  • Will shooting make a loud noise?

    No at Landmark we provide discrete services, our riffles are fitted with state of the art sound moderators to reduce any noise.
  • What areas do Landmark cover?

    Landmark are a national wildlife management company, covering the whole of the UK.

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