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Specialist Wildlife Control Services

We provide a wide range of specialist wildlife control services to manage rural pests using traps, night vision technology and ferreting.

What specialist services do we offer?

Our specialist wildlife control methods provide a range of effective solutions for managing and removing unwanted wildlife from your property.

For more information about our specialist services contact us, and we will be happy to discuss your pest or wildlife problem, and provide a free no obligation quote and recommended solution to effectively and discretely resolve your problem.

Ferreting for rabbit control

Drop box traps

Landmark have a variety of humane tools such as Drop Box Traps that can be installed to protect your premises from unwanted rabbits. These are long lasting and kind to the environment, as any non-target species caught in the live drop box traps can be released unharmed.


Landmark specialises in rabbit control, and our Ferreting service are a very popular amongst landowners and farmers who want to protect their land and crops. Ferreting rabbit control is highly effective and humane method of controlling rabbit populations. Our ferrets are trained to locate and flush out rabbits from their burrows, making it easy for our technicians to remove them.

Pest proofing

Landmark offer professional pest proofing installation services, creating a durable physical barriers that stops various wildlife from entering your property.  Prevention is always better than cure when it comes to pest and wildlife control. By implementing effective preventative measures, such as pest proofing and rabbit proof fencing, we help customers protect their property and prevent future problems.


This is a highly specialised method of wildlife control. At Landmark, we use a variety of rifles and calibres with night vision shooting and state of the art thermal imaging sights, to monitor wildlife populations and discreetly and effectively control where required. Our technicians are highly qualified are experienced in safely carrying out this form of wildlife control.

Shrubbery Removal

At Landmark we provide shrubbery removal services combined with pest control and proofing (where required). Often overgrown shrubs can provide a hiding place for pests, such as rodents or insects. Our services include shrubbery and garden clearance works and hedge and tree trimming, whilst preventing the resident pests from escaping to new areas of your property. We can also provide aesthetic finishing touches such as decorative stones or bark upon request.