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Mole Control Services

Landmark Wildlife Services have vast experience of dealing with mole issues, we can provide expert advice and professional and effective solutions.

Mole control

Landmarks team of mole catchers are very well versed in the use of covert and safe trapping techniques

If you have a mole problem, contact us for expert advice and a free no obligation quote to resolve the issue.

Moles can be a common pest problem in the UK, as they can create unsightly mounds of earth in lawns and garden, and in extreme cases can cause ground collapse .

Here are some tips for controlling moles:

  • Use traps: The most effective way to control moles is to use mole traps. There are several types of mole traps available, including spring traps, scissor traps, and tunnel traps. These traps should only be used by trained professionals as they can be harmful to humans, pets and non-target species if not set correctly.
  • Create barriers: You can create a barrier around your lawn or garden to prevent moles from entering. This can be done by digging a trench around the area and lining it with a fine wire mesh. This is however a very costly undertaking and moles can and will travel across open ground to reach new feeding grounds.
  • Seek professional help: If you have a mole problem, contact us we can provide expert advice and offer advanced mole control methods.
Mole control

It’s important to note that moles are protected under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981, and it is illegal to use certain types of traps or kill them without a license. Make sure to check the regulations in your area before attempting to control moles.

Landmarks team of mole catchers are very well versed in the use of covert and safe trapping techniques, ensuring that all the traps laid are sub surface allowing the are being trapped to be used safely.

The Landmark team use this method on many historically important sites allowing the moles to be trapped whilst visitors are still able to freely visit the sites with no knowledge that underneath their feet our traps are working to protect these ancient and historical areas.

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