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Agricultural Wildlife Control

Harvest time creates an excellent opportunity for Landmark Rabbit Control to decimate the rabbit population.

Agricultural Wildlife Management

Agricultural wildlife control is a critical aspect of modern farming.

From crop-damaging pests to disease-spreading animals, wild creatures can cause significant harm to agricultural operations. That’s why farmers and landowners must take steps to protect their crops, livestock, and property from wildlife.

Overall, agricultural wildlife control is a critical aspect of modern farming.

By taking steps to protect crops, livestock, and property, farmers can reduce the impact of wild animals on their operations. Landmark have the right tools, techniques, and knowledge, to help farmers effectively control wildlife populations on their land and maintain a healthy and productive agricultural operation.

Agricultural Pest Control Methods

Fencing & barriers

One of the most effective ways to control wildlife on agricultural land is through the use of fencing. A sturdy fence can keep out large animals like deer and badger, while smaller creatures like rabbits can be deterred with a mesh fence. Traps can also be used to remove or deter specific animals that are causing problems.

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Habitat modification

Another important aspect of agricultural wildlife control is habitat modification. By removing food sources and shelter for wildlife, farmers can reduce the number of animals on their property. This can include removing brush and other debris, planting crops in a way that makes them less attractive to wildlife, and using barriers to discourage animals from feeding on crops.

Hunting and trapping

Additionally, farmers can also use hunting and trapping as a way of controlling wildlife populations on their land. This can be done through hunting programs, which are often organised by qualified and experienced wildlife management companies such as Landmark.

It is also important to take note of the laws and regulations regarding wildlife control. The UK has many specific laws and regulations in place that farmers and landowners must follow when controlling wildlife on their property. Different species and sub species have specific dates throughout the year when they must not be hunted, and this can only be superseded under special license.

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