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Landmark Wildlife Management

We provide a wide range of wildlife control services to manage rural pests including rats, moles, squirrels, mink, rabbits, fox, deer and all problem bird species.

The wildlife and rural pest control experts

Landmark can provide expert advice and help resolve your problem quickly and discreetly

With full national coverage and fully trained and experienced teams, we can advise on and deliver the appropriate control methods to eradicate issues with Deer, Fox, Rabbits, Rats, Mink, Squirrels, Birds, Geese and Avian.


Wildlife Control

Our wildlife control services

Geese & Avian Control

Specialising in humane and eco-friendly goose and bird control services, helping property owners and managers maintain a safe and enjoyable environment for visitors...

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Squirrel Control Services

Squirrel control is essential for maintaining the safety and integrity of your property. Our humane and eco-friendly methods effectively manage squirrel populations, preventing...

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Safe and cost-effective wildlife management solutions

National Pest Awards Finalist

Why choose Landmark?

It’s important to note that many wild animals are protected by law.

This is why it’s important to work with a professional wildlife control expert like Landmark, who are familiar with local and government regulations. Also, it’s important to consider the potential impact on non-target species and the environment before implementing any control methods.

  • Customer service: We are responsive to your needs and provide excellent customer service.
  • All year round: We operate all year round, through all seasons. 
  • Experience: Established over 30 years.
  • All work guaranteed: All work is guaranteed unless stated.