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Eliminate rabbit overpopulation on your property with professional ferreting services.

Ferreting - How it Works

Professional ferreting is our preferred method of choice for rabbit eradication.

This ancient art is brought up to date with the use of modern locator systems on each ferret, which ensure all are safely retrieved after each job. Warrens and holes are covered in bolt traps, purse nets and surrounded with long nets ensure 100% catch rate. Not to be confused with recreational ferreting, our professional operators leave nothing to chance and use our tried and tested strain of ferrets, bred for many years by us, for use in the deepest of chalk warrens where they push out the most stubborn of buck rabbits.

In addition our skilled and trained dogs mark occupied buries and catch any rabbits that may shake a net off. With our skilled team, large sections of hedgerows and warren systems can be cleared of rabbits. However, it is not just limited to the countryside, we regularly ferret rabbits in cemeteries, military bases, business and industrial parks, railway embankments and motorways, to name but a few more unusual locations.

This is truly an environmentally friendly method and any non-target species such as polecats and slow worms can easily escape. Furthermore, instant results can be seen by the tally at the end of the job. Better still the fresh rabbits are used in the food chain and these sold rabbits subsidies some of our outgoings making this not only a very cost effective method but one of the most requested techniques by our customers.

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