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Benefits of Using Dogs for Rat Control | Environmentally Friendly Rat Control Solution

October 26, 2023

Rats, though small, can pose a substantial nuisance in both urban and rural areas. They present significant hazards to residential premises and businesses, causing structural damage and health risks.

For businesses, particularly those in the food or service sector, the presence of rats can damage their reputation, attract negative feedback, and lead to official inquiries if there are no adequate protocols to ensure a rat-free area. Furthermore, rats are carriers of various diseases, potentially contaminating food and packaging materials, with conditions such as leptospirosis associated with their urine. In their search for food, rats are indiscriminate, targeting waste bins, gardens, or eateries, posing threats to virtually any location.

Traditional Rat Control

There are several effective methods that our rat control specialists use however, traditional methods, such as utilising dogs, are becoming increasingly popular as it is an environmentally friendly solution. Specialist-trained dogs, renowned for their hunting prowess and their superior sense of smell, have been historically used for vermin control, including rats, for centuries. The age-old tussle between the rat and the dog, especially breeds like Jack Russell’s and Terriers, demonstrates nature’s balance.

Using dogs for rat control is eco-friendly and humane, reducing the need for potentially harmful chemicals and traps, which could lead to secondary poisoning for non-target species.

Benefits of Using Dogs for Rat Control:

  • Humane Solution: Ensures quick and ethical dispatch of rats.
  • High Precision: Leveraging our dogs’ superior sense of smell, rats and their hiding spots are easily detected instantly.
  • Eco-friendly: Avoids the use of toxins and traps, reducing the threat of inadvertently harming other wildlife.
  • Efficient: Our expert canine teams can eliminate upto 1,000 rats in a single day under optimal conditions.
  • Versatile: Suitable across various environments.

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