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Humane Wildlife Control

June 14, 2023

At Landmark, we understand and value the importance of wildlife. Our commitment lies in finding compassionate and humane wildlife control solutions that promote coexistence and prioritise the well-being of all species involved. With a focus on addressing our clients’ needs, we strive to resolve wildlife challenges while minimising suffering and avoiding harm to non-target species.

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Humane Wildlife Control by Landmark

While wildlife may possess an endearing appearance, their presence can introduce a multitude of challenges for both businesses and homeowners. From physical and reputational damage to health and safety concerns and costly repairs, it becomes crucial to address these issues promptly with effective wildlife control methods.

Implementing Humane Wildlife Removal Methods

Landmark uses a range of ethical and humane wildlife control methods to ensure effective and sustainable outcomes. These methods include:

  • Habitat Modification and Exclusion: We employ high-quality proofing and fencing solutions to modify habitats and create barriers that discourage wildlife intrusion. By altering the environment to make it less appealing to the wildlife or pest species.Deterrents: Our experts implement effective deterrent techniques that utilise non-harmful means to discourage wildlife or pests from accessing unwanted areas. These methods aim to redirect animals to their natural habitats while safeguarding the integrity of your space.
  • Non-lethal Techniques: Landmark prioritises the use of non-lethal techniques to manage wildlife challenges where possible. By employing strategies such as habitat manipulation, behavioural conditioning, we can manage populations reducing unnecessary suffering.
  • Ethical Trapping and Relocation (species dependant): In situations where trapping is necessary, Landmark follows strict ethical guidelines. We employ humane traps that minimise stress and ensure no harm to non-target species. Relocation to suitable habitats away from human-occupied areas is conducted with care and consideration.
  • Traditional methods such as advanced Night Vision Shooting: Landmark utilises state-of-the-art night vision shooting techniques when required. This method ensures precise targeting and minimises pain, suffering, without risk to non-target species or the public.

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To discover more about our humane wildlife control solutions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Partner with Landmark to create a safe and wildlife-free environment that preserves the integrity and security of your property while demonstrating our commitment to compassionate wildlife management.

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