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Implementing Preventive Measures for Wildlife Control

June 14, 2023

Prevention is the key to successful wildlife control, and before implementing any control measures, it is crucial to identify the wildlife or pest species. This knowledge allows us to tailor our strategies accordingly. Some typical intruders include squirrels, moles, rabbits, rodents, and even larger animals like foxes or deer. Each species presents unique challenges, requiring specific approaches to control and prevent their presence.

Implementing preventive measures can significantly reduce the likelihood of wildlife intrusion in both commercial and private dwellings. By creating an environment that is less attractive to wildlife and pests, and by taking proactive steps to minimise potential entry points, we can humanely and effectively protect our clients’ environments from unwanted intruders.

Rabbit proof mesh

At Landmark, we specialise in wildlife control with over 30 years of experience in protecting all manner of environments. Our expertise lies in implementing preventive measures that create an environment less attractive to wildlife and pests, thus ensuring the effective protection of our clients’ spaces.

Customised Preventive Solutions

To achieve optimal results, at Landmark, we employ a range of high-quality, durable pest-proofing, and fencing solutions. By creating a physical barrier, keeping unwanted wildlife at bay and preventing their intrusion into your property. Our preventive measures are carefully designed to withstand environmental conditions and deter wildlife from attempting access.

Expert Pest-Proofing Techniques

Pest-proofing is a crucial aspect of wildlife control. Our skilled professionals employ expert techniques to identify potential entry points and seal them off effectively. Small gaps, cracks, and openings are meticulously sealed using durable materials such as wire mesh, sealants, or weatherstripping. By eliminating these vulnerabilities, we create a strong defence against wildlife intrusion.

Strategic Landscaping Practices

Landscaping plays a vital role in wildlife control. At Landmark, we consider the specific needs of our client’s spaces and implement strategic landscaping practices that not only deter wildlife and pests but are visually appealing.

To learn more about our professional wildlife control and wildlife proofing services and how we can safeguard your home or business, contact us. Partner with Landmark to create a wildlife-free environment that preserves the integrity and safety of your property.

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